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London Towel Day is Here
and Other International Towel Day Meets

Last Updated Fri 25 May  17:50 UK Time

Why a Towel Day?
What's Towel Day?
What's London Towel Day?
Why this Particular pub?
Where/When ?
Hang on a Minute What About us Non-Londoners?
... and us Continental types?
... and us Yanks?
... and the rest of us?
Who am I?
What am I doing here?
Anything else?
How do I Send Updates to this Page?
I'm a voyeur, how can you satisfy my urge?

Why a Towel Day?
Very sadly Douglas Adams left this reality on May 11th 2001. A great man who brought much happiness and many irrepressible chortles to stackloads of people around this little blue green planet. He will be greatly missed and our deepest sympathy and wishes of goodwill go to his family and friends.

What's Towel Day?
Towel Day has been declared by an internet movement to celebrate Douglas Adams' memory, it is set for Fri 25th May 2001. The idea is that people will carry their towel with them everywhere on that day as a tribute to Doulgas. See these links for more info:

What's London Towel Day?
A get together in London for any life forms who would like to raise a pangalactic gargle-blaster or two in Douglas Adams' memory. The venue is a pub called the Captain's Cabin.

Why this Particular Pub?
The location is a pub near the BBC Paris Studio where the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was first created as a radio show in the late 1970s. The cast including Douglas Adams were known to frequent this pub during the recording sessions.

Where / When ?

Venue: The Captain's Cabin
Location: 4-7 Norris Street, London, SW1Y 4RJ, Earth, Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha
(Between Haymarket and Regent Street (Lower) )
Universe: The one we know as Reality
Time: 19:00 Friday 25th May 2001
Nearest Tube Station: Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square
Map: Click here for map

Other Towel Day Meets
I try to get details of any other Towel Day meets from the DNA/Towelday discussion forums (see links above). If anyone has news of other events then please email me (see below) and I will post the updates here.

Towel Day Meets - Confirmed
(This is a list of any Towel Day meets that have been agreed with a place and time in a forum posting)

Australia, Canberra: (Posted on
CANBERRA: civic coffee shop strip (essen, cactus, valentino's gus', etc.) 7pm. Post a reply at the tribute page on or the conversation at canb.general or so I can confirm it's on. (no interest=no towel day) Sadly, I can't check every discussion, but I'm doing my best to get the word out. Bring your friends!!! (jess 24 May 2001)
Australia, Sidney: ... /thread.cgi?10566,0
Canada, Montreal: ... /thread.cgi?10337,0
Canada, Ottawa (27th May):
There's a towel day on Sunday 27th in Ottawa at the zaphodbbeblebrox bar  :) that's in canada, eh ! :)
Canada, Toronto: ... /thread.cgi?10744,0
Towel evening in the centre of the universe......Toronto, Ontario, Canada.....just ask anyone else in Canada where Torontonians think the centre of the universe
England, London:
England, West Midlands: ... /thread.cgi?10828,0
... and more ... ... /thread.cgi?10699,0
... and more .. ... /thread.cgi?10722,0
Germany, Berlin: ... /thread.cgi?10705,0
USA, Baltimore: BAlticon 35 - Baltimore Science Fiction Convention
(Posted on Towel Day will be going strong at BAlticon 35. It is falling on the first day of the con. There will be much remembrance. Oh and 378 is the meaning of cat life. (Spoon®! 24 May 2001))
USA, California, Carlsbad:
Meetup to take place in Carlsbad California at Vinakas cafe at 5:42PM. The place is at Neimans plaza in downtown Carlsbad. No website, sorry... no time.
USA, Virginia, Winchester: ... /thread.cgi?10421,0

Towel Day Meets - Proposed
(This is a list of any requests or proposals by people looking for anyone in their area arrange a local meet)

Australia, Canberra: ... /thread.cgi?10774,0
Australia, Canberra: ... /thread.cgi?10566,1
Australia, Queensland, Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast: ... thread.cgi?10553,5
Denmark, Sønderborg: ... /thread.cgi?10553,1
England, Manchester: ... /thread.cgi?10553,4
England, West Sussex: ... /thread.cgi?10962,0
Germany, Cologne:
Germany, Cologne: ... /thread.cgi?10803,0
Greece: ... /thread.cgi?10141,9
Netherlands, Amsterdam: ... /thread.cgi?10353,0
Sweden, Stockholm: ... /thread.cgi?10553,3
Sweden: ... /thread.cgi?11011,0
USA, Boston: ... /thread.cgi?11014,0
USA, Central Jersey: ... /thread.cgi?10086,0
USA, Chicago: ... /thread.cgi?10283,0
USA, Houston: ... /thread.cgi?10931,0
Anyone gathering in Houston for towel day?  If so please email me I would like to come. thank you
USA, Los Angeles: ... /thread.cgi?10677,4
USA, Maryland:,0
USA, Minnesota: ... /thread.cgi?10585,0
USA, Nashville: ... /thread.cgi?10920,0
USA, Rhode Island: ... /thread.cgi?10804,0
USA, Sacramento: ... /thread.cgi?10870,0
USA, Sacramento: (Posted on
That's so cool about the article in USA Today! And I don't know if this idea has been mentioned, but I've been faxing or calling my local radio stations hoping to get the word out; after all, H2G2 did begin's it's life there! Try it in your area! Meanwhile, I'll be celebrating here in Roseville (Sacramento) California.   Drop me a line if your near by or know of a meeting! (Misty Rich 24 May 2001)
USA, San Francisco: ... /thread.cgi?10157,0
USA, Washington D.C: ... /thread.cgi?10031,4
Yugoslavia: ... /thread.cgi?10181,1

Towel Day Meets - Unverified
(These postings are in funny languages that I don't understand (I've lost my babelfish) )

Denmark (in Danish): ... thread.cgi?10553,7
Germany, Berlin: ... /thread.cgi?10370,0
Germany, Berlin: ... /thread.cgi?10397,0

Who am I?
Take off your jacket, find the inside of the collar, read what's written on a little label there, this should be your name. Oddly enough most people seem to share the same name of St Michael.

What am I doing here?
I know, I've often wondered that as well. Well actually you should be working right now instead of skiving off work surfing the net all day.

What are the Space/Time Continuum Coordinates(Galactic Standard version)?

x (in parsecs) =
0.8929 times the radius of galaxy plus 3,229,318,937 times the time in millisecoids since the big bang
y (in parsecs) =
0.000000000000000174 times the height of the Great Zarquon's left big toe plus 3,229,318,937 times the time in millisecoids since the big bang
z (in parsecs) =
um I'll get back to you on that, my slide rule's just broken
u (Universe no.) =
Parallel universe number 42
t (time in millisecoids) =
42 to the power of 42 plus the price of a good hot cup of tea in Betelgeuse

Anything else?
Don't forget to bring your towel.

How do I Send Updates to this Page?

I'm a voyeur, how can you satisfy my urge? is publishing photos of any Towel Day events.  But please send some to this site as well. 

Please don't send large multi megabyte pics unless you warn me first by email so that I can clear my mail box..  If possible compress them into jpeg or gif formats.  If you cannot do that then email me I will compress them for you.